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Preparation - Part I

It was 29.12.2007 and because I had some free holiday time I've decided to start preparation of the motorcycle for the future trip to Turkey.

Few words of the motorcycle itself:
    It's 1996 Honda XL 250 Degree motorcycle made only for the Japanese market, which is dual-purpose light motorcycle with 4 takt, DOHC, 250cc, liquid-cooled, 6-speed, 25hp engine and top-speed of 130km/h. The consumption of this little engine ranges between 2,5 up to 3 littres per 100 km.
    I bought the motorcycle in April 2007 after an import from Japan with only 8K on the clock. Beeing skeptic I didn't really believe the readings, but many parts were prooving the low mileage. The brake pads are the original and are like new, tires I think were original and despite the small chaps due to the years they were only 50% worn out. Now before preapration the mileage is 14'500km and no major reparation is done, only tires, brake liquid and regular engine oil and filter change. The new tyres are VEE VRM 221 3.00-21 front and VEE VRM 221 4.10-18 rear.

First I removed saddle, all the plastics and fuel tank:

After that I removed the main "arteria" of the little "heart", so called carburateur:

I took pictures of the electric patrs that can cause failure. I think ordering them in advance, thus preventing early end of the trip is a good idea.

Getting carburateur out of its place was complicated, involving air filter box to be moved to the back of the bike. After I took it I disassemle, clean and again assemble it. All parts look good, which gave me the strong confidence of finishing this trip without "fuel-related" problems.

First photos of the "arteria" itself:

Started the disassemblle process:

I opened the diaphragm cover:

The diaphragm looked fine:

So the same all other parts were in good condition, so they were cleaned gently and put back together:

Early this year I already greased the clutch but again I greased all the cables, including throttle and clutch:

So this were the first trembling preparation steps for the future trip. Comming back soon...