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Preparation - Part II

This week I was able to find manual for Honda AX-1 which uses the same enginge, chasis and suspension. So I decided to go with fork oil, engine oil/filter, wheel bearings replacement and eventually valves adjustment.
Working on the forks needs removing the head-ligh. It was pretty easy, as only 4 bolts were holding it.

The actual removing of each leg is also easy. First I loosened the bolts so I can take the cap off, then I uscrew the drain bolt at the bootom of the boot and drain the oil.

After removing the fork leg I compressed it few times to help the old oil to find its way out.
Waiting the oil to drain I take a closer look of the electronic parts behind the head-light. You can see the flasher relay, and the other electronic component responsible for operating the temeratrue indicator light.

Meantime I did quick repacement of the engine oil and filter. This time I used Repsol 10W40 semi-syntetic and HiFlo - HF102 filter.

The fork oil I used was IGOL 10W.

The amount of oil I drained was about 385-390ml each leg and the amount by the manual is about 400 and 107mm bellow the edge fully compressed. I was able to pour about 390ml when I reached the 107mm limit.

When I was working on the other leg I hang the brake calliper using plastic strap..

Finished front end maintenance. Keeping front tyre off, cause bearings extraction await.

I removed the spark plug to inspect it and ease rotation of crankshaft while working on the valves.
It was interesting that the spark plug does not met the specified NGK CR9EH-9 but was NGK CR8EH-9 (After later check I found that for the NX250 the spark plug differs than for the XL250 Degree, and the plug is the right one.).

Took little rest and looked at future work (right one). :)

And a small set of tools, as later sawn not enough to finish the planned work.

Valve cover still in place, not for too long...

In order for the valve cover to be removed, I had to unscrew the bolts holding the radiator and move it aside.

And the vavle train - camshafts, lifts and camshaft chain. Everything seems fine.

So I rotated the crankshaft and checked the valve clearance.

Everything was in service limits so I gently fit back everything.

Removing front tyre bearings and dust seals were not easy but finished with success. I took the brake disk prior removing them to prevet eventual damage. New bearings and dust seals will be installed next time.

Removing rear tyre needs bike supporting with plastic bucket. Don't use it - it's already patented by me! :)

Here I also took off the brake disk and dust sealings.

But the bearing of the rear wheel caused problems - I didn't have long enough tool to take the bearings off.

So this were the next, still trembling preparation steps for the future trip. Comming back soon...