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Preparation - Part II'

I continued the operation of replacing the wheels bearings and dust sealings...
I found tool that was long and strong enough to drive the bearing of the rear wheel out. Then I separated parts from front and rear wheel and put them in plastic bags, so I can take them when I go finding them.

After I did the shopping, I got only parts enough for the front wheel. In addition to my bad luck I was not happy with the dust sealings. The original ones have more edges helping the durt to stay out. So I used this ones but I'll keep looking for exactly the same as original ones. [wemoto will be the place I'll order them if I can't find them nowhere else]

I bought SKF bearings which are supposed to be the best choice around here.

So I decided to finish at least (keeping in mind the future dust sealings replacement) the front wheel so I placed the new bearings into their places using the old ones, thus preventing damage.

I placed the new sealings.

I set back and tighten the brake disk.

I put the spacers and fit the front wheel to the bike.

And the bike slightly restored its look as a real motorcycle.


I used SGR bearings for the rear wheel and new dust seals. The installation process was in a hurry, so i don't have any pictures. Here are the "after assemble" pictures:

I put the head light back on it's place and the bike started to look even more like a real motorcycle. :) For the trip I'll get spare head light bulb from the other motorcycle, which will have new xenon lights soon and two H4 bulbs will be out.

I'm thinking of some luggage frame preventing textile fabrics bag touching the rear wheel and exhaust...

So this were the next, still trembling preparation steps for the future trip. Comming back soon...