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Preparation - Part III

I got my hands on the chain lube Scotoiler CR-01 Offroad System from a friend's shop and had some fun hours installing it. All started home where I look at all parts and read the installation instructions. The day after that I did the instalation of the oiler.
The Scotoiler itself:

The clutch side handle grip was preaty easy to remove, all I need was one screwdriver and some water. The new one holds the oil pumping mechanism.

The throttle side handle grip was a bit difficult to remove but screwdriver and water again were enough to do the work. There's no real need to replace this one except the visual difference.

The C-shaped oil container found its way to the handle bar.

I prefered black housing because of its smaller outer diameter and it doesn't squashes that easy. It also hides itself among the installation wires.

I used black tie wraps to hold the housing.

I put the bike on its right side so I can place the oil dispenser and housing.

I took the rear wheel and placed the dispender plate to the axis, bend the hosing and fasten it.

I cleaned the rear suspension, where the clear housing will be stick on. I mount it and connect it with the black housing, comming from the lever hand grip.

Filling the C-shaped container with oil is very simple. It has rubber and plastic with velcro covers with Scotoiler logo.

The last thing was the fine adjusting of the dispenser.

I was so eager to see the bike working so I put the air filter, plastics, tank bag, battery, pour some fuel, and start the bike. The smile on my face was so big after it started at first attempt. I even did couple hundreds meters test ride. :)

So now it looks like a motorcicle again.

So this were the next, still trembling preparation steps for the future trip. Comming back soon...