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Buying 1989 Honda XLV 600 Transalp

Today I went to Kjustendil to see a motorcycle and probably buy it. The motorcycle has to be 1990 XLV 600, but as it turns out later, build year according to frame serial number is 1989. After closer look of the motorcycle I found the following things:
  • Some of the plastics need to be repaired (on the inside, outside paint looks very good)
  • Small dent on the left side of the fuel tank, otherwise no rust inside
  • Front and rear tyres need replacement
  • Chain and sprokets in good condition
  • Starting cold with ease
  • Loosing rear cylider when tested, but when filled with fuel the problem gone. I'll keep my eyes on that CDIs
  • Top case in good shape
  • All electrical parts working
  • Engine producing full power according to me - 150km/h easy achievable, probably will touch 170km/h
  • Fuel consumption (80km test ride) 5,5-6l/100km (with carburateur and air filter maintenance will improve, I think)
  • Small vibrations
  • Valve adjustment needs to be done
  • All bearings are ok
  • Very stable road behaviour

  • Here are some pictures I took afted the 80km trip back home:

    Soon the bike will have license plate and will be fully serviced... summer comes, the beach is calling... :)