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1996 Honda XL 250 Degree maintenance

Turkey trip preparation
1. Preparation - Part I [Cleaning carb & lubricating cables, tyres]
2. Preparation - Part II [Fron fork oil, engine oil/filter change, wheel bearings replacement & valves adjustment]
3. Preparation - Part II' [Fron/rear wheel bearings installation]
4. Preparation - Part III [Automatic chain-lube system]
5. Preparation - Part IV [Construct luggage stand & horn replacement]
6. Preparation - Part V [Overall inspection - lubricating sidestand, rear suspension check, cleaning electric contacts, replacing spark plug & test drive]

Preparation for Murgash-Sungurlare enduro trip [Tyres, chain & sprockets]
Chain guide and air filter
Handlebar replacement - Renthal 615, Acerbis Rally II handguards
Battery and rear sprocket replacement