Ivo Markov's web site [Personal & Public]. Welcome to my rather simple website containing various information of my hobbies, trips, work and other stuff... The site is mainly in english but there may be some portions written in bulgarian.
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Karandila 2009 moto meeting - planning...
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Simple web galley

This is easy to create gallery .NET 2.0 program with no installation required and containing only one file.
For simplicity when using, the aspx code (UI code) and codebehing (program code) are placed in one file, initialy called 'Default.aspx'.

Download this ZIP package and extract it whenever you like. The archive contains the 'Default.aspx' file as well as thumbnail directory 'th' and three sample pictures. Be sure that thumbnail images have same names as the original ones. This gallery is preconfigured to use maximum size of 100x100 thummnails and 400x400 full-sized images. Please note that this code is developed using .NET 2.0 and needs IIS and .NET framework to be deployed.

You can view sample here.